Erik Dekker about Orange: ‘Blind is a ruler on the field’ | Euro 2020

We had to wait seven years for it, but the Orange is again participating in a major final tournament. Are beer and bitterballen ready? And will it be a success for the Dutch national team? Well-known Dutch people share their European Championship feeling. In this episode of ‘A call with’: former cyclist Erik Dekker.

And, is there already talk of Orange fever?
“No not at all. Such a tournament always has to grow. The fact that there was no audience at the sporting events does not help. In this case you also have some time to get into it, because the group is not that interesting I understand. You have to do really bad if you don’t want to continue. Knowing the Netherlands, the feeling can change very quickly. Everyone is talking about the phenomenon that it is not alive. So I think it’s alive and well.”

Just say it, as one of the 17 million national coaches, what is the ideal setup for the Dutch national team?
,,I would put Stekelenburg in the goal as an Ajax supporter and I am also a fan of Blind. He has his limitations, but everyone has them. Blind really is a ruler on the pitch and he may have some energy left after his injury. I think 90 percent of the team is in place, so I’ll leave that to the national coach. What you should keep in mind is that it is a tournament. As with the Tour de France, you shouldn’t put all your energy into it on the first day. You have to keep the bank happy, especially now that everything can change very quickly with corona.”

Erik Dekker’s setup. © DPG Media

Who will be our star?
,,I think Memphis Depay. I heard someone say he has 11 goals and 11 assists in the last 20 games, so statistically he is very important. He has developed well. Growing up often goes hand in hand with good performance. He achieves a higher level and has fewer very bad matches. That makes people look at him differently now.”

How and where do you watch the matches in this strange time?
“Just at home. The further the Netherlands gets, the more fun it becomes to visit people, but even then it will probably mainly be at home.”

Who will win the European Championship?
“It will certainly be Germany. Football is a pretty complicated game, where a lot can happen. I think scoring a goal is much more difficult than preventing a goal. I remember very well that in 2004 the Netherlands won a friendly match against Greece, but that Greece subsequently became European champion. Football is not simply about 11 good football players, there is much more to it. You will always be fine with Germany.”

Erik Dekker about Orange: ‘Blind is a ruler on the field’ | Euro 2020
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