Estimated intake of salt and sugar Dutch population still too high

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The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport) has made agreements with the food industry since 2014 to ensure that the Dutch consume less salt, saturated fat and calories (sugar and fat) through their food.

The RIVM National Institute for Public Health and the Environment has repeatedly examined the estimated effect of the agreements in this Agreement on Improving Product Composition (AVP Agreement on Improving Product Composition). The latest research shows that manufacturers have taken small steps to make products contain less salt and sugar, but that consumers still consume (too) much of it. More could have been achieved if more ambitious agreements had been made for more products.

What can we achieve with the current agreements?

With the current agreements, people mainly consume less salt through bread, meat, cheese and soup. For sugar, progress has been made mainly in soft drinks and slightly less in dairy products. As a result, adults can consume an average of almost 0.5 grams less salt and 7.5 grams less sugar (30 calories) per day. That equates to a pinch of salt and two sugar cubes less per day. The effect of the agreements on saturated fat has not been calculated. Too few agreements have been made about this.

The conclusion is in line with the National Prevention Agreement

Some of the points for improvement from this study are already included in a new approach to product improvement. For example, by drawing up criteria for almost all foods that contain a lot of salt, sugar and / or saturated fat. This approach is part of the National Prevention Agreement (NPA). Later this year, RIVM will publish a study that should show how the composition of products has changed in practice as a result of the agreements in the AVP.

Towards a healthier diet

A healthier product composition is one of the ways to eat healthier. In addition, making healthy choices and eating according to the Wheel of Five are also important.
Choosing products that contain as little sugar, salt and saturated fat as possible is an important first step towards a healthier diet. Looking at labels helps with that. People who want advice and tips about healthy nutrition can visit the website of the Nutrition Center.

Estimated intake of salt and sugar Dutch population still too high
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