EU labels Russian airlines as unsafe

Photo: ANP

The European Union has classified 21 Russian airlines as unsafe. Russia has reregistered many of their planes to evade EU sanctions, but that goes against international safety rules, according to Brussels.

The airlines, including major ones such as Aeroflot and Rossiya, are not allowed to fly to, from or over the EU due to the measure. But they were not allowed to do so because of EU sanctions because of the Russian war against Ukraine. However, the EU blacklist also has a major impact in the rest of the world, according to the union.

Since last month, European companies are no longer allowed to lease Russian airlines. They lost their security papers, which would prevent carriers from using hundreds of aircraft. Moscow then registered the aircraft in Russia and issues certificates of airworthiness itself.

“This is not only a clear violation of the international civil aviation treaty, but also an immediate threat to security,” said responsible European Commissioner Adina Vălean. She swears that the measure is not a new sanction, but was only taken for safety reasons. “We don’t mix security with politics.”

EU labels Russian airlines as unsafe
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