EU wants to extend COVID-19 travel certificate until July 2023

The EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate (DCC) is unlikely to go anywhere anytime soon, as the European Commission wants to extend the relevant legislation until June 30, 2023.

EU extends COVID-19 certificate until next summer

The EU certificate was launched last summer to facilitate travel across the block, despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and various travel restrictions.Many countries throughout Europe have chosen to lift all remaining restrictions, but the European Commission has proposed an extension of the DCC Act.

In a statement Thursday, the Commission said the virus “continues to spread in Europe” and “can determine the potential for increased infections in late 2022 or the impact of the emergence of new variants. I didn’t. ” .. ”

Attorney General Didier Lendels argued that a law was needed to avoid the risks of “many different national systems” and unnecessary confusion and obstacles for travelers. “We can’t predict how the pandemic will evolve, but we can ensure that citizens continue to function and benefit from accepted certificates wherever they go,” Reynders said. rice field.

Changes to EUDCC law

In addition to the extension of current travel rules, the EU is considering some minor adjustments to the law. In short, Brock wants to extend the scope of the COVID-19 test so that high quality laboratory-based antigen testing is also recognized as effective. The Commission also wants those participating in the vaccine trial to receive a valid COVID-19 certificate.

Finally, the Commission wants to make sure that all vaccine doses are enrolled, regardless of which Member State administered the dose. Under the current system, Dutch citizens and residents vaccinated in different EU member states will not have access to vaccination certificates via the CoronaCheck app. Instead, you should use the app for the vaccinated country.

New validity rules for Dutch vaccination certificates

As the European Commission plans to change the EU digital certificate, the Dutch government is also considering adjusting national rules for QR codes in the Corona Check app. Earlier this week, Health Minister Ernst Kaipers announced that the vaccination certificate would soon be valid for up to nine months.

The new law came into effect on February 4, but the government announced Thursday night that policy changes would be postponed and would come into effect on February 8. The Ministry of Health will automatically adjust the validity of the certificate in the CoronaCheck app and users will receive an in-app notification if the certificate is set to expire.

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EU wants to extend COVID-19 travel certificate until July 2023

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