European Commission wants millions of charging points in Europe

Three million charging points are to be installed in the European Union in the coming years. European Commissioner Frans Timmermans has presented plans for this. In the Netherlands there are now nearly 60,000 poles where electric cars can charge. Last year there were 37,000.

This makes our country a leader in Europe. In Germany there are a total of 43,000 posts, especially around the big cities. That is as many as in France, while Slovenia has 530. According to Timmermans, a significant increase in the number of charging points is needed to achieve the climate goals (climate neutral by 2050).

The European Commission does not only opt for the electric car. Timmermans says that in conversations with the automotive industry he says that he is in favor of cars that emit nothing, which in principle can also be a car with a traditional combustion engine.

In any case, in 2030 in the European Union, thirty million cars must be on the road that no longer emit exhaust fumes. In 2018, according to a report by consultancy PWC, 263 million cars could be found on European roads.

Night trains

In plans, the European Commission says that cities must also become more climate neutral. Timmermans wants at least a hundred cities in Europe to be climate neutral in ten years’ time.

And the Commission is fighting aviation. To begin with, much more goods need to be transported by rail. This should double in the coming years and the number of high-speed lines should also increase significantly.

Today it was announced that night trains will again run through Europe next year. This will create a connection between Amsterdam and Zurich and also from Vienna to Paris. The train between Brussels and Berlin will also start running again.

The objective is that all journeys under 500 kilometers become climate neutral in any case. The European Commission is hoping for a kind of green kerosene for airplanes that hardly produces any emissions, and also wants to make all airports climate neutral. There must also be more cycle paths, so that the bicycle becomes an attractive alternative to the car when it comes to commuting.

Extra debts

Timmermans says in an explanation of the plans that he is in a hurry. “If we do not implement these changes in the coming years, we will never achieve climate neutrality in thirty years. And then we have now incurred a lot of extra debts and you will not be able to repay those debts.”

“While if we switch now, modernize our economy, turn it into a circular economy, clean our society, free ourselves from dependence on fossil fuels, there will soon be an economy that can easily repay everything we now incur in debt. . “

European Commission wants millions of charging points in Europe
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