European consumer organizations file complaint against WhatsApp

Since the beginning of this year, WhatsApp has been bombarding its users with recurring, intrusive notifications to accept changes to its terms of use and privacy policy. If they don’t, the company threatens to deny them access to the service.

Not transparent

According to the consumer organizations, the content of the reports and repetition puts unnecessary pressure on consumers and hinders their freedom of choice. This makes them contrary to European rules.
The conditions are also not transparent and difficult to understand. Especially when it comes to the transfer of personal data to Facebook and other companies. This makes it impossible for consumers to foresee the consequences for their privacy if they consent.


Sandra Molenaar, director of the Consumers’ Association: ‘WhatsApp threatens to refuse consumers access to the app if they do not accept the conditions. While it is not at all clear what they give permission for. WhatsApp limits consumers’ freedom of choice: if you do not accept, you can no longer use WhatsApp. Moreover, the contract conditions are not transparent. And that is against the law.
In addition, an investigation into the privacy policy of Whatsapp for violations of privacy legislation is already underway. This makes the need for intervention by the authorities even greater. WhatsApp must respect the rights of consumers.’


In addition to the Consumers’ Association and umbrella organization BEUC, consumer organizations from France, Greece (2x), Norway, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic are taking part in the action.

European consumer organizations file complaint against WhatsApp
Source link European consumer organizations file complaint against WhatsApp

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