European Medicines Agency dissatisfied with Amsterdam erotic center plan

Photo: Odi Bassman

The European Medicines Agency has lodged a complaint with the European Commission about Amsterdam’s plan to find possible cases. new erotic center Near the office, Dutch media reported on Tuesday.

Two of the three sites assigned to the center are near the EMA, which its staff said could be at risk.

“The Department is discussing this with the European Commission at the highest appropriate political and diplomatic levels to ensure a safe working environment for its staff and professionals,” a spokesperson was quoted as saying. I’m here. News site

EMA said it only learned about the plan through the media and had not been contacted by city officials. “EMA would have expected to be consulted on the suitability of the location,” a spokesperson said.

The city plans to replace 100 of the 249 brothel windows in the red-light district with multi-level prostitution and erotic entertainment centers built by private developers on city land. .

“Changes in red light district locations are motivated by concerns of nuisance, drug dealing, drunkenness, and disorderly behavior,” EMA said. Reuters in a statement.

“Positioning an erotic center near an EMA building can have similar negative effects on adjacent areas.” Google Maps shows that both locations are within a 10-minute walk from the EMA office.

The EMA moved from London to Amsterdam in the wake of Brexit.

The Dutch government has pledged to ensure that the agency operates calmly and safely, preventing disruptions in the vicinity, a spokesman said.

Dutch News has reached out to the EMA for comment. European Medicines Agency dissatisfied with Amsterdam erotic center plan

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