European Parliament: from now on better food ‘from farm to fork’

Food from the European Union must be made more sustainable in many respects, the MEPs jointly concluded on Tuesday. They therefore adopted a resolution to ensure a fair, healthy and environmentally friendly food system within the EU. In order to achieve this ultimate goal, the entire chain – from agriculture to consumer – must play a different role. For example, by 2030 there must be more land for organic farming and pesticides must be better controlled, so that biodiversity is preserved. Also, fewer pesticides should be used at all.

The Farm to Fork strategy will also have an impact on citizens, who are entitled to healthier, more sustainable and fairer food from the EU. The European Parliament therefore wants the excessive consumption of meat and highly processed foods to be tackled by setting maximum limits. Too much food still has too high a salt, sugar or fat content, so a maximum is needed. The EU should also come up with recommendations for consumers on how to eat healthier. Those recommendations must be scientifically substantiated, the MEPs believe. But healthy food should not become too expensive for citizens.

In addition, the ‘Farm to Fork’ strategy should lend a helping hand to achieving the goals of European Commissioner Frans Timmermans’ Green Deal. For example, targets must be set for maximum greenhouse gas emissions and strict criteria for renewable energy in agriculture. However, farmers must be supported to achieve the goals, says co-rapporteur Herbert Dorfmann. “Our farmers are already doing a great job, so if we are right to ask them to further reduce their use of pesticides, fertilizers and antibiotics, we need to support them so that production doesn’t just take place outside the EU.”

The Dutch MEP Anja Hazekamp (Party for the Animals) is the other rapporteur. According to her, current policies promote agricultural models that are harmful to the environment. ‘Current EU policy is paving the way for the import of unsustainable products. We propose concrete measures to bring our food system back within the limits of the planet, by stimulating local food production and moving away from intensive livestock farming and crop monoculture with intensive use of pesticides,’ says Hazekamp. ‘A sustainable food system is also indispensable for the future of farmers.’

European Parliament: from now on better food ‘from farm to fork’
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