Excess mortality again in week 22

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In week 22 (May 31 to June 6, 2021), it is estimated that nearly 3,000 people died. That is about 200 more deaths than expected for this period, and over 200 more than the week before (2,777). More elderly people died in particular. Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports this on the basis of the preliminary death figures per week.

From mid-September (week 39) to mid-February (week 6) weekly mortality was higher than expected. Until mid-January (week 3) there was excess mortality. In the following weeks there was no excess mortality and mortality fluctuated around the numbers expected for that period. In the last week of April (week 17) there was a brief excess of mortality, but since then the mortality has decreased further. The estimate at week 22 is about 200 deaths above expectations and outside the range of usual fluctuations, so based on the estimate there is excess mortality. RIVM registered 51 deceased COVID-19 patients in week 22 (as of 8 June).

Mortality among Wlz care users and other population increased

Based on the estimate, the mortality among people receiving care under the Long-term Care Act increased in week 22. Since the last week of February (week 8) the mortality in this group has always been below the expected mortality. At week 22, mortality is above expected, but within the range of usual fluctuations. Based on the estimate, the mortality among the other population also increased in week 22 and is at the upper limit of the interval. From the first week of April (week 14) to week 20, there was excess mortality in the rest of the population.

Nearly 1,100 Wlz care users died in week 22, such as residents of nursing homes and care institutions for the disabled. In the remaining population, about 1,900 people died.

Excess mortality again in week 22
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