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Police in Leeuwarden said they were seeking information about the theft of 11 valuable items from the Princesshof Ceramics Museum this morning. The stolen work appears to include ancient Chinese pottery, but specific details of the missing items have yet to be revealed. The robbery is believed to have taken place around 5:00 a.m., when someone broke into the museum and took the artwork.

Police responded immediately upon receiving the automated call. During a search of the surrounding area, police found several items from the museum, but the four stolen works are still missing. Princesshof has quite a few lenders, the most important of which are Ottema Kingmastifting and the Municipality of Leeuwarden.” To tell Chris Cullen, director of the French Fries Museum.

Callens stresses that one of the museum’s most valuable pieces, an 11th-century Chinese Ru pottery bowl, is “perfectly safe.”

The Princesshof Ceramics Museum houses some of the country’s most valuable ceramic works. These include not only ancient Chinese vases, but also precious modern pottery.

https://northerntimes.nl/high-value-ceramic-items-stolen-from-leeuwarden-museum/ Expensive china stolen from Leeuwarden Museum – Northern Times

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