Eyewitness to bombing drama with racing cyclist (22) reports | Inland

The reconstruction with which the Limburg police drew online attention to the drama with a racing cyclist at Maasbracht at the end of May last year, has already yielded six tips and a statement from an eyewitness. “After the distribution of the reconstruction, he reported to the police in Echt,” a spokeswoman told this site.

It cannot make any statements about the content of the statement, nor about the tips. “The investigation will be continued on the basis of the information received,” said the spokeswoman.

On May 16, 2020, the life of 22-year-old Luuk Hartjes from Swalmen changed radically after an object was thrown against his head from a moving car in Maasbracht. Since then, the civil engineering student at the University of Aachen has hardly been able to do anything. His life has turned into a nightmare. He is in a wheelchair and must wear sunglasses indoors.


“I sleep, play a game now and then, hardly ever get out. I am 22 years old and had imagined my life very differently ”, says the heavily emotional Luuk in the video that the police distributed on Saturday. “Now I’m at home and I have to be helped by mom and dad with everything.” He tells his story in the Limburg dialect. That has a reason. “In the beginning I couldn’t get my words out at all. That’s why I now speak dialect. Even Dutch is quite difficult for me. I used to speak fluent Dutch, German and English. I just can’t figure that out now. ”

Because Luuk felt a liquid immediately after the blow, the police think he was pelted with a bottle. The object hit the back of his head, just below the bicycle helmet. The young Limburger fell and became unconscious. A woman found him a little later, lying in a front yard. Despite months of research, who threw the object never became clear.

Eyewitness to bombing drama with racing cyclist (22) reports | Inland
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