Fake reviews are persistent phenomenon, but new law is ‘big gain’

‘Show me how you arranged it’

The fact that this legislation is equalized for the whole of the EU is the big advantage, says ACM spokesperson Saskia Bierling. “Online deception is already prohibited, but the existing rules are more general. Now we have cross-border legislation. There were countries in the EU where no fines could be imposed for this at all. High fines are also possible for cross-border actions.”

There are also changes in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčenforcement of the rules, says Bierling. “With the new rules, the person who uses reviews must check in advance whether it is a real consumer who is behind it. The responsibility now lies very concretely with the trader. The trader must carry out checks, ACM asks how verified reviews have been. be real.”

According to Bierling, checking this may now be easier. “We can now go straight back to the trader who posts reviews: ‘Let’s see how you arranged it at the front’. The hope is that web shops and platforms will now check more strictly. For consumers, distinguishing fake from real is still very difficult.”

Forty bad reviews

This bill concerns all false reviews, both negative and positive, says a spokesperson for the Ministry of Economic Affairs. “So if an entrepreneur is bothered by false negative reviews on Facebook, then Facebook is responsible.”

Entrepreneur Marc Hoekstra (39) is such a person. “I had a shop for business telephony in Leeuwarden. In my street there was a shop with second-hand items, which transported goods with a van. That van was on the sidewalk in front of our store, so passers-by had to walk onto the road to pass it. .”

When Hoekstra said something to the owner, there were bad reviews on his Facebook page that same day. “Facebook support did not respond when I reported this, so I turned off the review option. Otherwise, customers will see forty bad reviews at the top, which gives a strange picture.”

Persistent phenomenon

Hoekstra does think the new law could help. “It would be nice if there was more power to counter these kinds of things, although it may be difficult to prove that someone has bad intentions.”

Spokesperson Gerard Spierenburg of the Consumers’ Association says that everything stands or falls with good enforcement. “Fake reviews are a persistent phenomenon that you will never be able to completely eradicate with this law and enforcement, but you have to start somewhere.”

Fake reviews are persistent phenomenon, but new law is ‘big gain’
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