False QR codes: police warn against phishing

IBAN bank account number

In many cases you will receive these fake messages on behalf of your own bank or another organization you know or where you are a customer. Sometimes the message not only mentions your name but also the correct IBAN (bank account number).

‘Request a new bank card’

For example, the fake messages say that you need to request a new debit card or verify a new app. To do this, you need to scan the QR code in the message. However, this QR code leads to a phishing website where your credentials can be obtained by the cyber criminals.

QR code

QR is the abbreviation for ‘Quick Response’. A QR code consists of a square made up of black and white blocks. These blocks contain information. For example, a QR code can be used to present a URL. The code is scanned with the camera of a smartphone and converted into a URL with a QR reader. Your phone’s browser will then display the corresponding website. The advantage of this is that you do not have to retype the internet address yourself.


But QR codes can also be used to pass on other information. For example, a code, a telephone number, a payment request or a whole text. ‘The danger is that you cannot see what information is contained in such a QR code. You cannot see the URL associated with a QR code in advance. When you scan a QR code from a stranger, you are never sure what you are doing, ‘said the police.

Advice from the police

Be careful. Never just scan a QR code. Make sure you know who you are dealing with before scanning one. Don’t let yourself be pressured. If you can also provide the requested information in another way, please choose that.
If you do not trust the message with QR code, please contact the organization listed as the sender in cash. Do this through the official website or the official phone number. Do not call the phone number in the letter or email.

Scammed by cyber criminals

Always report this to the police. Also call your bank immediately and follow the instructions of the bank employee. In addition, share your story with friends and acquaintances. In this way you help prevent new victims from being made.

Disable ‘Scan QR code’ on phone

Note: When you take a screenshot of a message with a QR code, some devices may allow you to scan the code right away. If you want to avoid this risk, first search in your settings for ‘Scan QR code’ and disable this option.

False QR codes: police warn against phishing
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