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showbytesShort updates from the stars on social media: we love it. In the Showbytes section, the show editors scour the web for you for the craziest, most beautiful and striking posts by famous Dutch and celebrities. This item will be renewed during the day.

Famke Louise sang about how she is working on her derriere in the gym and now she shows off the result.

Humberto Tan gives an explicit disclaimer with this photo with dog: it is not his dalmatian. It is sensible to put it that way, thinks Gordon, who has more than once gotten the ‘dog mafia’ on his roof more than once.

Although everything used to indicate that Richard Groenendijk became a model, he still believed in his cabaret dream.

Richard in childhood. © Instagram Richard Groenendijk

It’s almost spring and that means the daffodils, crocuses and Arie Boomsmaatjes shoot out of the ground again.

As a member of hit formula K3, you obviously cannot show yourself in the vicinity of a camera without a perfect smile. Klaasje Meijer thankfully recently announced her departure.

YouTube star Dionne Slagter is rarely in the kitchen during the pandemic. Zítten is a different story.

Sometimes you want to put on a new pair of pants so badly that you don’t even take the time to take the price tag off. Football Player Shanice van de Sanden knows all about it.

Freek Bartels Because of the lockdown hardly sees other people, but fortunately he doesn’t need much to have a good time.

If Rico Verhoeven has little motivation, they threaten to just take his huge portrait off the wall in his gym.

Anyone who is jealous of the sun-tanned legs of cyclists probably does not realize that this also includes a slightly less brown trouser zone. Just look at Puck Moonen.

Davina Michelle gives a rare glimpse into her bed performance.

Calluses are according to Fajah Lourens not a physical phenomenon, but a ‘hardened fear of your thoughts’. Fortunately, she just happens to have some sponsored insoles for that.

Gaby Blaaser calls on everyone to do what your soul tells you to do, even if you have to stand in a fresh winter breeze wearing a very thin bra.

Famke Louise shows derrière and Gordon warns Humberto | Show
Source link Famke Louise shows derrière and Gordon warns Humberto | Show

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