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how expensive is your houseHouse prices have been rising continuously in recent years. Students find it difficult to find a room and starters often miss out on the income limit for social rental housing. But what do the Dutch pay for their homes? We researched it, and let striking tenants have their say.

Michael de Geus (23) studies Fashion & Design at the art academy ARTEz in Arnhem. In a few weeks he will have finished his studies and his wish is to live in Amsterdam. De Geus currently lives in the center of Arnhem. He rents a room in a building where a peer also lives. His monthly rent is 440 euros. This amount includes the gas and electricity bill, the water bill and the internet subscription. The house has a total area of ​​approximately 45 square meters. It has a separate bedroom and a roof terrace of about 25 square meters.

Michael’s room in Arnhem is spacious and affordable. © Michael de Geus

According to a report by, one of the largest providers of rental housing for students in the Netherlands, the average size of a student room in 2019 was about 17.1 square meters. The departure of De Geus is therefore considerably greater. According to, the average monthly rent for a room was around 434 euros.

The Arnhem student has not just chosen a larger room. “For my studies I am mainly concerned with making clothes. Of course I need a lot of stuff for this, such as a sewing machine. Of course there must be room for this. ” De Geus has one roommate, with whom he shares the bathroom, kitchen and toilet.


For my studies I am mainly involved in making clothes. Of course I need a lot of stuff for this

Michael de Geus (23)

Eighteen housemates

It is not the first student residence in which the 23-year-old lives. “About two years ago I lived in another building where many of my fellow students live. Here I lived with eighteen housemates. It looked like a campsite, I just didn’t walk to the bathroom every morning with a toilet roll under my arm ”, says De Geus. The choice to move into a house with more privacy was therefore quickly made. “When I started looking for a new room, that was really a hard requirement. Not too many roommates and room for my things. ” De Geus found the house he now lives in via Facebook. He is eventually assigned the room through a fellow student.

De Geus is happy with his current home, but is forced to move to Amsterdam after completing his studies in Arnhem. “The jobs in the fashion sector are unfortunately not for the taking. If I want to have a chance of a nice job, I have to go to Amsterdam. ” The rental prices in Amsterdam differ a lot from those in Arnhem. “I am also worried about that. I know that I will probably pay more than double for a smaller space there. ”

Starters are often left out

Starters with a completed higher vocational or university education are often left out on the housing market, according to Vereniging Eigen Huis. Spokesperson Hans André de la Porte: ,, Often starters are not entitled to social housing because they earn too much. Prices in the private sector, where to look then, are much higher. These landlords naturally want to make a profit. ”

According to André de la Porte, the location of a home plays an increasingly important role in choosing a home. “There are also many people who actually do not want to agree to a higher price in a big city. But at the same time, they also don’t want to give up the location. It is then a matter of choosing between two evils. ”

De Geus would ultimately like to buy a house, but has accepted that this will probably not be possible for the next ten years. “I have a student loan and I want to go to Amsterdam. I am aware that this is not possible. But who knows what the future will bring. ”

Many students will borrow more to pay for the high room rent. Subsequently, the housing market is less accessible to them – after all, this student debt can give you a lower mortgage:

Fashion student Michael has it well organized in Arnhem: 25 m2 for 440 euros | Money
Source link Fashion student Michael has it well organized in Arnhem: 25 m2 for 440 euros | Money

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