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When you learn to touch typing, everything you do on the computer goes a lot faster. This applies to children, although this skill can still be learned at any age.

Touch typing is a handy skill to have at hand. Especially for children who go to secondary school, where they have to write more and more papers. But even after school, touch typing is a must. Even if it’s just for writing all those emails. Touch typing makes you faster and more productive.

Pay for a typing course
The most obvious way to learn to touch typing is to take a typing course. You are often taught typing in a playful way through games or fun videos. There are several options for that.

One of the parties to teach touch typing is Pica. With this company’s software, children travel across a world map where they learn about countries and animals through videos and photos. The LOI Kidzz course focuses on spectacular games. Your child will become a spy at a spy school with this course. Typing unlocks locks or shoots down drones, among other things. With both courses, the keys of the keyboard are slowly taped over with stickers.

You can also learn to type with Donald Duck. The idea of ​​the Duck Typing course is that the student is trained to become a journalist at the Duckburg newspaper. Learning goes through playing games in which the well-known characters from Duckburg play a role.

Prices and trial lessons
The prices of these courses are quite different from each other. For example, the Donald Duck typing course costs 149 euros and you are ready with Pica for 39 euros. A cheaper course is not immediately of poorer quality, but will, for example, have less impressive games. These kinds of games can give children extra motivation, but are not necessary for learning to type. Also, cheaper courses often lack personal guidance.

Each typing course offers a free trial lesson so that the different styles can be compared. This way you can see which shape suits your child best. For example, a course with a focus on games, educational videos or the use of stickers.

A good typing course also teaches you not only how to type quickly and blindly with four fingers. Facts are also given about what good posture is, so that you do not get physical complaints such as RSI.

Free typing courses
Free typing courses are also available online. There are some drawbacks to this compared to the paid typing courses. For example, the free typing courses usually do not provide an opportunity for parents to see how the progression is going. Also, the quality of the courses is simply less. There are no flashy games and other ways to motivate children.

Still, free typing courses can be a great option if you’re short on cash. Especially Tipp10 is an interesting option. Although this course has a somewhat gloomy appearance, the lessons are cleverly put together. For example, letters that are typed incorrectly are offered more often so that you really learn something from them. The student will also receive a report at the end of each lesson. Do you already have some control over your typing? Then it is even possible to add your own texts.

Typing courses for adults
Tipp10 is suitable for both children and adults due to its sleek style, but there are also special courses available for adults. For example, educational institutions such as NTI, LOI and NHA offer courses for learning to type blind, without childish games or cartoon characters. These courses all cost around 150 euros and last three months.

Fast touch typing on your keyboard: this is how you learn | Tech
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