FD: Huawei confirms ban to cooperate on vital parts of the 5G network

Huawei is no longer allowed to cooperate in the Netherlands on the most important parts of the new 5G telecom network. This is evident from answers from the Chinese company to the FD. A Huawei spokesperson was not available for the NOS.

Secret services in Western countries see Huawei as an extension of the Chinese government. They fear that the company will spy on its devices or shut down important networks. That poses a great danger, say the secret services. Huawei denies that role.

The United States has long been urging allies not to use Chinese technology in the new 5G networks.

‘No more core equipment’

KPN, Vodafone and T-Mobile no longer have equipment from the Chinese company in the part of the network where all information comes together. “We do not supply 5G core equipment in the Netherlands,” says a Huawei spokesperson in the FD.

According to the newspaper, the consequences are the greatest for T-Mobile. The company works with eight different suppliers, but most of the network is built with equipment from Huawei and therefore needs to be adjusted. It is not clear how much money the change will cost for T-Mobile and the other providers.

State secret

For a long time it was unclear to telecom companies whether the Dutch government imposed requirements on the use of Huawei equipment. KPN, Vodafone and T-Mobile have now received a decision from the Ministry of Economic Affairs stating the requirements for the 5G network, but the content of that decision has been declared state secret.

But the statement of the Huawei spokesman shows that the Chinese company is no longer involved in the construction of the most vital parts of the 5G network in the Netherlands.

Huawei is not completely banned: the company is still allowed to supply less important parts for the network, such as antennas.

NOS on 3 previously made a video about the discussion around Huawei and 5G:

FD: Huawei confirms ban to cooperate on vital parts of the 5G network
Source link FD: Huawei confirms ban to cooperate on vital parts of the 5G network

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