Fierljeppen season begins

Frisia’s “Fierljeppen” season began on the 15thth The first tournament of the year at the Buiten Post in May. With a staggering 19,34 meters, Junior Wisse Broekstra outperformed all competitors, including senior winner Ysbrand Galama, who managed the magnificent 18,45 meters.

Fierljeppen is literally translated from Frisian as “jumping far” and is considered a national sport of Friesland. It consists of a sprint used to gain momentum, then jumps towards the standing pole, runs as far as possible towards the top of the pole, and finally lands, usually on the sand floor.

In essence, Fierljeppen is somewhat similar to pole vault, but different from pole vault measurements. distance Not the height. This is due to the historical origin of sports as a means of crossing numerous canals scattered throughout the country.

To participate, you would ideally need a ditch or canal filled with water and a long pole (polsstok) to propel yourself. The pole used in the competition is 13,25 meters and is now usually made of carbon fiber. The senior world record held by Jaco de Groot is an amazing 22,21 meters.

The tournament at Buitenpost marks the beginning of a long four-month season. The season itself consists of 83 events across different age groups and skill levels, with three final Grand Championships scheduled at Linshoten.rd Of September.

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Fierljeppen season begins

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