FIFPro and PFA argue for temporary head injuries | Football

In February of this year, the English Premier League started with the extra substitution option in case a player sustained a head injury and was unable to continue playing. This option was applied twice, only after the players in question had returned to the field after a brief medical check, but were ultimately unable to continue playing. The interest groups therefore consider it more sensible to be able to apply a temporary exchange option to safeguard the health of players.

According to the statement, the relevant medical staff will have longer time to perform a thorough medical check. To see if the player in question can actually play on. In the multi-billion dollar industry that is football, these decisions are often made under time pressure or under that of the public (when supporters return to the stadiums). The player can therefore be taken to the medical room for a better check. His temporary substitute ensures that a team does not play in a numerical minority for the duration of the check.


For example, a player may fill in for five minutes or more for the top striker who is being checked with potential head injury. If the striker can return, his temporary replacement will be moved back to the side. He may then come in again later in the game, that is the intention.

In the Eredivisie, FC Utrecht trainer René Hake became the first trainer to use six changes due to head injuries at the beginning of April. Bart Ramselaar initially continued to play, but became dizzy again and had to be substituted after all. It gave Utrecht an extra opportunity to switch. The FIFPro and PFA want to prevent these kinds of situations. Ramselaar could have been temporarily replaced and checked better, so that he would not become dizzy again on the field, with possible greater damage as a result.

In the first instance, the interest groups hope that the tests with the extra exchange option and the temporary exchange option can run parallel to each other, for example in different competitions. They want a suitable solution as soon as possible, whereby the rules of the game give the space to take care of the health of the players.

FIFPro and PFA argue for temporary head injuries | Football
Source link FIFPro and PFA argue for temporary head injuries | Football

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