Finally fireworks in Robinson: revenge and steam from the ears | show

Expedition JansenWho will win which test, suffer the most hunger or make the meanest plans to vote others out? In the Expedition Jansen column, reporter Dennis Jansen looks back on Expedition Robinson every week in three themes: hunger, hero & heartache.

Finally the hunger is satisfied. Not the food, but the buzz. Finally the game is on the wagon. Finally, there is a twist in third gear. Heerlie de pearlie, they say in the Jansen house. With Jasmine Sender as the victim, René van Meurs (who did not use his ring) as the winner. Finally fireworks, finally the unexpected, because man, man, man (I’ll just borrow it Rob, thank you), how predictable those Island Councils became. Voted out but not home: Expedition Robinson threatens to become a soap opera, the finale of which will be held in December 2027. A nice prospect: the outcasts who have feelings of revenge. The steam came out of Jasmine’s ears. Unfortunately we will continue without Stefano Keizers who lost weight after a test. “Everything is different about him”, Felix Meurders once said about the comedian about whom the documentary My name is Stefano Keizers was made last year. In it he says: “I think we have all become so bored that it’s always a luxury when something happens.” That luxury is missed. What a top guy. Original, social and sincere. Rob Geus, but especially John de Bever can benefit from that.

Actually, I should have called this category of anti-heroes. Enough choice. I say: all the men on Tweede Kanseiland, who let themselves be fooled by the women. I call John the Bever: touching (‘I miss my dogs and friend Kees’) and rude (‘Call when dinner’s ready’) at the same time, but also: he made a song to get attention for his deafness: hey John . I call: Sieneke. Isn’t it time for a swimming diploma? But the biggest is: Jasper Demollin. How he claimed the immunity ring and left Britt stunned, that was impossible, so sad. ,,I think I must have it, because I am the weakest in Kamp Noord.” My daughter thought it was ‘completely logical’. “You want to win, don’t you?” True, but still irritating. Jasper is the kid who takes the largest piece of meat out of the pan without asking. Me, me, me, and the rest…will vote him out soon.

Voice-over Domien’s words sounded ominous. “The message of the letter hits Kamp Zuid hard.” I thought for a moment that three had been killed, especially when Robbert Rodenburg burst into tears. “I’ve been so scared of this all along,” the influencer sobbed. Only to fall into the comforting arms of Dyantha Brooks. Was Robbert bitten by a poisonous snake? Had he gotten a Croatian rock on his head? No, it really was that letter. It said… the camps would be redistributed. Camp North and South together, what a sledgehammer. I don’t think I can sleep at night because of that…

Robbert Rodenburg in tears at Dyantha Brooks © Still

Finally fireworks in Robinson: revenge and steam from the ears | show
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