First acquaintance with Limpopo is fatal for a rhinoceros woman

New rhino male Limpopo

Rhinoceros Limpopo arrived in the park at the beginning of this month and in the past week he was already successfully introduced to the more than 2 hectares of savannah and the various animal species, such as zebras, wildebeest and giraffes. “There has been no problem with this and the introduction was easier than expected,” the zoo said on Thursday.

Exciting introduction

Today the most exciting introduction was planned. Namely that of Limpopo with the two rhinoceros ladies, also sisters, Elena and Zahra, with whom he would be allowed to breed in the future. The three have already been able to smell and see each other behind the scenes; each in their own part of the stable. ‘We started extra early this morning and before the opening of the park with the first physical acquaintance on the savanna’, reports the animal park.


Around 07.45 hours both ladies first entered the savannah, after which Limpopo was also allowed to enter the area a little later. From that moment on it became restless: both women were startled by the man and instead of pointing him to his place together, they both ran off running. As a result, Limpopo gave chase. He seemed particularly focused on Elena, because she was the closest to him.

Drowned in shallow pool

After about fifteen minutes, both animals seemed exhausted. Elena walked toward a shallow pool of water and, probably from fatigue, slipped. She landed on her side in the water and was unable to get up. Limpopo stayed near her, so the animal caretakers present immediately lured him away from her. Unfortunately, this help came too late for Elena and she had already drowned.

High impact for animal caretakers

An introduction process between male and female rhinoceroses remains exciting and often requires intervention, but never before has one been fatal, the zoo says. Of course this event has a lot of impact within the team of animal caretakers in WILDLANDS. It is not yet clear what it means for the breeding program in the park.

First acquaintance with Limpopo is fatal for a rhinoceros woman
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