First review: electric Aiways U5

What is striking about the Aiways U5?

The mere fact that we are on the road in a brand new car brand! Aiways is a Chinese brand that only builds electric cars. A grand model offensive starts with the U5. After the U5 follow the U6 (an SUV coupe) and the U7 (an MPV). China is doing what Japanese brands did in the 1970s and Korean brands in the 1990s: they offer a lot of cars for little money. For the price of 43,850 euros you have an Aiways U5 with all conceivable options, such as 19-inch alloy, a panoramic roof, an electric tailgate and metallic paint.

The Aiways U5 looks a bit non-descript: not beautiful, not ugly. The same applies on the inside: it is all neat, without being exciting. In front of the driver’s nose is a small steering wheel with three screens behind it, in the center console the Aiways U5 has a touchscreen for the operation of the air conditioning and multimedia. Physical buttons are missing.

First review: electric Aiways U5

What’s good about the Aiways U5?

The price of the Aiways U5: 43,980 euros for the richly equipped Premium version with battery pack of 63 kWh is decent. Aiways focuses on the approximately equally expensive Skoda Enyaq iV (price Skoda Enyaq iV: 39,900 euros, battery pack: 58 kWh). The Chinese only claim that you have lost no less than 60,000 euros for a Skoda Enyaq iV if you equip it just as richly as the Aiways U5. We will calculate for you whether that is correct.

The biggest plus of the Aiways U5 is the space: you can also sit perfectly in the back as an adult. The luggage compartment is spacious and if you fold the rear seat, a flat loading floor is created.

With a new brand from China, it is exciting whether the comfort meets European expectations. We have to disappoint anyone who expects the Aiways U5 to fall through the ice. The silence on board is just as beneficial as in any other electric car, and the chassis tuning is comfortable. A great car for everyday use.

First review: electric Aiways U5

What could be better about the Aiways U5?

We measured the range of the Aiways U5 at 100 km / h and 130 km / h and that was a bit disappointing. Of the promised 410 kilometers range of the AIways U5 (battery pack: 63 kWh), a little too little remained.

Really annoying is the camera in the A-pillar, which keeps an eye on you in such a way that you have the feeling that you have ended up in a spy novel by John le CarrĂ©. It’s raining warnings. If you take your eyes away from the road for just a moment, for example to look over your shoulder into your blind spot, a voice immediately blares through the interior. “Focus on the road and don’t smoke.” It’s going to be crazy, but luckily the system can be turned off (and to be clear, we weren’t smoking).

If only the Chinese had put a little more effort into the cameras that are not aimed at your eyes, but at the road. The adaptive cruise control works downright bad: hesitating and with too slow acceleration when the road is clear again. Furthermore, the sensors of the car tilted several times when we quietly approached a vehicle in front at a traffic light. Even when stopped, the Chinese kept beeping. Hopefully this has been fixed with a system update, which would be very welcome.

First review: electric Aiways U5

When will the Aiways U5 come to the Netherlands and what is the price?

The Aiways U5 is already for sale, which is mainly done digitally via Aiways Distribution Netherlands. There are already eighty Dutch people who bought one. Aiways does not have dealers, although you can take a test drive in Kudelstaart (near Aalsmeer), if you want. The price of the basic version of the Aiways U5 is 39,950 euros. Then you only get no navigation system and no seat heating – in winter that is a deal breaker for some people. We mention the price of the Aiways U5 Premium again: 43,980 euros. This is the version you want if you are seduced by this Chinese.

First review: electric Aiways U5

What do I think of the Aiways U5?

Anyone who wants a neat car with all the trimmings and does not value brand traditions is in the right place with Aiways. The car interrupting your favorite music with the warning that you are not allowed to smoke, I have never seen in sixteen years as a car journalist.

First review: electric Aiways U5
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