Five Ways to Avoid Embarrassing Yourself Playing Baccarat

Why Baccarat?

The game most favoured in James Bond movies, Baccarat, is fun and simple to play. The game only has three types of bets and two kinds of payouts. However, it’s a fast card game – and players should be well-prepared if they want to keep up and get full enjoyment from Baccarat or Bakkara, as it is known in Hungary. Follow the five basic guidelines below to help you to understand what you are doing.

Before playing for money, Sultes Szilvia recommends playing baccarat for fun first to familiarise yourself with the game and betting. Playing for enjoyment will save you embarrassment later if you gamble for money.

If playing for money, set yourself a budget and find a table where the minimum bet suits your pocket. Make sure to consult kaparós sorsjegy online directories. They highlight where free bonus promotions are to be found.

So, How Do You Play Baccarat?

#1 Know the Card Values

The purpose of Baccarat is to bet on the hand you think will be as close to or equal to nine points. The dealer does all the work in this game and deals two hands – one for the “Player”, one for the “Banker”. Each hand gets two cards which are added up to see if the cards are close to nine.

  • Aces are worth one point
  • Ten and face cards have a zero point value
  • All other cards are worth their numeric value (e.g. a three is three points)

If the two cards dealt add up to more than nine, you have to drop the one (take away 10) to get to the value.

Let’s elaborate a little: if a hand of a nine and an eight adds up to 17. You drop the one, so the game value is seven.

By going into the game understanding the card values, and the purpose of the game, you avoid the embarrassment and feeling like a novice.

#2 Know the Rules

Once you are familiar with the card values, Baccarat rules of play become easy. Before the dealer deals the two hands, cards face up, you need to place your bets.

You can place your wager three ways:

  • Dealer’s Hand
  • Player’s Hand
  • Tie

The “Dealer” and “Player” do not refer to people – only to hands dealt. Just this knowledge alone saves confusion.

Whichever hand is closest to nine wins. If the “Player” or “Banker” gets a total of eight or nine, both the “Player” and “Banker” stand, and no further cards are drawn. Cards have to be removed when the total hand value is five or less.

If the “Player” hand has:

  • One, two, three, four, five or zero points – draw a card
  • Six-seven points – stand (Player cannot draw a third card)
  • Eight-nine points – this is called a “natural” and stops the Banker from drawing.

If the “Banker” hand has:

  • One, two, three, four, five or zero points – draw a card
  • Seven points – stand (Banker cannot draw a third card)
  • Eight-nine points – this is a “natural”, and the Player cannot draw a third card

With a clear understanding of the rules, you are better equipped to play Baccarat without embarrassment.

#3 Know the Odds

According to Sultzes Szilvia, the advantage play in baccarat is having a good knowledge of the betting odds and house edge (a term used to describe the mathematical advantage the casino has over the gambler). This helps make informed choices playing at online casinos. A good casino will be licensed and display the house edge.


Playing online, initially, will give you the confidence to play at a land based casino with confidence – or, only play online – then there is no chance of embarrassment at all!

If you bet on the “Player” and the hand is closer to nine than the “Banker”, you win and get a 1:1 payout – doubling your bet. The house edge is 1.24%

The “Banker” bet is more popular with players because the house edge is marginally lower than the “Player” bet at 1.06%. The “Banker” bet pays out almost even money at 19:20 because the house commission is 5%.

The Tie outcome in Baccarat is the most unlikely as it requires “Player” and “Banker” hands to have the same value, but it is a tempting option because of its 8:1 payout. The house edge on a Tie bet between 14.44% and 14.36%.

#4 Know Your Limits

Baccarat has the advantage of being a high-speed game, but this can lead to rapid losses, especially with the outstanding immersive online casino experiences. Look for tables that display the betting limits and statistics.

The chance of overextending your spending capacity is diminished when you have set yourself a spending limit and you stick to it. Online, you do not have to be embarrassed at your stakes compared to others at a table, and any social awkwardness is eradicated.

#5 Know a System

Although no one system works, some gambling systems work in the short term as the house edge only profits the casino in the long term. A Baccarat system will also help you to manage your bets and protect your bankroll.

Having a set amount to bet in an arranged manner can help you avoid huge losses. Going into a game with a set strategy is a confidence-booster.

Baccarat is Fun!

Baccarat is fun – players love it, casinos dislike it because of its thin house edge, and other games don’t have the same exciting pace. The fast pace and simple rules of Baccarat offer exciting opportunities to discerning players of different budgets internationally.

Forbes recognises Baccarat as the world’s biggest gambling game, so you will be joining the millions that love to play worldwide. Maybe it will become as popular in Hungary as it is in Vegas!

With the tips provided, you can now enjoy Baccarat without embarrassment and with the confidence of a seasoned player.


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