Flowers for Valentine’s Day more expensive, but still popular

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Flowers for Valentine’s Day will become more expensive this year due to the sharp rise in energy costs for flower growers and even scarcity of supply. But people still like to buy roses and bouquets for their loved ones, even if they have to pay more.

Due to the high gas prices, some growers decided to grow fewer flowers, resulting in scarcity. Many flowers also come from Africa, such as Kenya and Ethiopia. Many Dutch growers have production there. But due to the high fuel prices, transport to the Netherlands has become more expensive, while there is also a shortage of air freight capacity. All this drives up purchase prices for traders further.

The Royal FloraHolland flower auction says that 159 million roses and 155 million tulips have been sold in the run-up to Valentine’s Day. The average price of cut flowers was about 10 percent higher than last year. The average price of premium roses actually increased by about 20 percent. Royal FloraHolland does add that flowers remain popular in the run-up to Valentine’s Day.

Flower seller Koninklijke Fleurop also says it is preparing for a lot of crowds towards Valentine’s Day on February 14. “We are faced with an extra challenge this year, with the scarcity and rising prices of flowers in general and roses in particular. So we ask people to order on time and also to look for alternatives to roses, which we offer in abundance,” says marketing specialist Martine van Putten of Fleurop Nederland.

Research carried out by Fleurop shows that flowers are still a suitable gift for Valentine’s Day. “A bouquet continues to be a popular way of conveying feelings, as this research shows once again,” says Van Putten. Young people in particular would like to receive a bouquet.

Director Matthijs Mesken of the Association of Wholesalers in Flower Nursery Products (VGB) also does not expect the higher prices to deter consumers. “Despite the barriers of scarcity, we expect consumers to be willing to pay the higher prices. People still want to surprise their loved ones with a bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day.”

Flowers for Valentine’s Day more expensive, but still popular
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