Formation climate vigil starts at Catshuis in The Hague

As long as the cabinet formation lasts, a vigil for the climate will be held at the Catshuis. From this afternoon, between 08:00 and 20:00, two people will be standing at the office of the Prime Minister to draw attention to “effective and just climate policy”. The vigil will take place online between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m.

“We watch because we keep watch for the future of our earth,” says organizer De Klimaatwakers. “By watching, we also call on others to be affected by the disaster that is unfolding.” supported by a wide range of youth departments of political parties, environmental organizations and aid organizations such as Oxfam Novib and Cordaid.

Corona crisis

Although the formation discussions are not (for the time being) held in the Catshuis, but in the Binnenhof, the organization has nevertheless consciously opted for that location. “We believe the climate should be treated as a major crisis,” said a spokesman. “And in the case of the corona crisis, drastic measures are also being taken from the Catshuis.”

In terms of measures, De Klimaatwakers are sure to give a push. According to them, the Netherlands must be climate neutral by 2025. In addition, the ecological crisis must be limited as much as possible and our country must offer support to other countries that are already suffering the consequences of the crisis, the organization says.

Formation climate vigil starts at Catshuis in The Hague
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