Former judge: ‘Following lawyers during manhunt for Taghi was extremely dangerous’ | Inland

This news site revealed last year that in the summer of 2019, when Ridouan Taghi was still on the run, the Amsterdam lawyers Nico Meijering and Leon van Kleef shadowed. The TCI, the secret service of the police, received the tip that Meijering in Dubai would ‘most likely’ have a meeting with Taghi. Although the police knew that Meijering was not Taghi’s lawyer, the OM decided to have him and his colleague shadowed. The Dubai Police sent photos to the Netherlands during meetings that the criminal lawyers had with clients in a hotel.

‘This is an extremely dangerous development’

Frank Wieland, former judge and the judge who handed down the life sentence against Willem Holleeder, calls the ‘Dubai observation’ dangerous. “Police and judiciary have not realized that where they fished for the whereabouts of Ridouan Taghi, they simultaneously hooked up these two lawyers, who were in fact serving as bait. I think that is an extremely dangerous development. ” Wieland says that the Public Prosecution Service and the judiciary wanted to ‘score’. “It’s an ill-considered decision. Wanting to score, and rightly so, because that’s what the whole of society wanted here. But not with this commitment. ”

The prominent former judge therefore argues that the Dutch investigative authorities have gone too far. “I don’t think such a police operation is possible. Because imagine you are there as a wanted, serious criminal. How do you know that those lawyers are not in cahoots with the Public Prosecution Service? Your own lawyers! ”

Lawyers Leon van Kleef (left) and Nico Meijering at Schiphol portrayed by the police observation team. © Police

‘OM has not thought carefully about risks

According to the judge, the Public Prosecution Service has not thought enough about the possible risks with the investigation effort. “I think you are taking a very big risk on the back of two lawyers. Which may have nothing to do with it at all. And really had nothing to do with it in this case. Other than their involvement in the case. But they didn’t fly to Dubai for Taghi. ”

The Public Prosecution has taken the position that following the lawyers is indeed unusual, but in this case justified because of the threat posed by Taghi. “Finding out his whereabouts and arrest were of the highest priority, given the very serious suspicions against him. He is held responsible for ordering a large number of liquidations, ”said the OM.

Lawyer Leon van Kleef states that he still does not understand that the Public Prosecution Service has not realized that the shadow action may have put them in danger. “And if they could have thought of that, but persevered, I have no words for it. There are international treaties that state that the government is responsible for the free movement of citizens to a lawyer. They have been violated. There has also been no consultation with the top of the Public Prosecution Service. That is illustrative. ” The fact that the Public Prosecution Service is only sparingly sharing information irritates the lawyer. “Then be transparent. What people share in the official reports is incomplete and not plausible. “

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Former judge: ‘Following lawyers during manhunt for Taghi was extremely dangerous’ | Inland
Source link Former judge: ‘Following lawyers during manhunt for Taghi was extremely dangerous’ | Inland

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