Fred Again shows on Actual Life 2 that he is a name to watch closely ★★★★☆

Fred Again

Fred Gibson (28) once walked into Brian Eno’s studio as a member of a choir. He struck up a conversation with the well-known British producer and showed him his software skills. Eno was impressed and offered Gibson to train him as a producer.

Now, a few years later, as Fred Again, Gibson is a rising name in the London studios. As a writer and man behind the buttons, he made tracks with Ed Sheeran, Stormzy, The Blessed Madonna and Halsey. With his second album, Current Life 2, he breaks through on his own as a singer-songwriter.

His song work has its own character. Fred Again writes his very personal and sensitive songs behind the piano and then develops his songs into electronic gems in which genres do not play a role. The vocoders make his voice shoot in all directions, when it comes out, he puts a set of strings next to the piano, and in his beats and intoxicating bass, he rolls through dubstep and British house, aka the UK garage.

The rich and layered productions serve the message. Gibson wrote his songs during a period of mourning after an undisclosed death. He is overwhelmed by melancholy on songs like catrin and Pink, and sometimes Fred Again threatens to become a bit larmoyant. But just when the violins threaten to take over or a guest voice seems to give his songs a small edge of flatter house or EDM, the producer pulls his music into the depths again.

It makes for example kahan a beautiful electronic singer-songwriter song; Gibson begins with his most beautiful, provoked singing voice at a well-thumbed piano, but then drags it through dark basses and distorted voices and misty, gloomy synthesizer sets. in the tracks Hannah and Tate he lets his own house beat pull himself out of the swamp of grief and gently push him back onto a dance floor.

The wonderful mix of moods and apparently one-dimensional chart dance and the deeper electronic art forms also makes Fred Again a British pop name solo to closely follow – but of course to play carelessly first.

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Fred Again

Current Life 2


★★★★ ☆


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Fred Again shows on Actual Life 2 that he is a name to watch closely ★★★★☆
Source link Fred Again shows on Actual Life 2 that he is a name to watch closely ★★★★☆

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