‘French wine giant involved in war crimes’ | Financial

The investigation follows a report published last year by The Sentry, an anti-corruption organization co-founded by actor George Clooney. According to that report, a subsidiary of Groupe Castel made deals that provided militias with cash and vehicles.

sugar extraction

With the practices, the company is said to have tried to guarantee the safety of local sugar production activities. But doing so would have indirectly contributed to “mass atrocities.” According to information from the United Nations, the militias in the country are responsible for murders, torture, rapes and arms trafficking.

A spokesperson for Groupe Castel stated that the company is fully cooperating with the French authorities in this matter. An internal investigation by the company into the allegations previously revealed no wrongdoing within Groupe Castel.

The group, headquartered in Bordeaux, is one of the largest wine and beverage conglomerates in the world. In Africa, Groupe Castel also sells several popular beers.

‘French wine giant involved in war crimes’ | Financial
Source link ‘French wine giant involved in war crimes’ | Financial

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