Friesland increases current sustainability subsidies

The state of Friesland recently decided to expand its current sustainability subsidies to further stimulate energy conservation efforts in the region.

The subsidy in question is a supplement to insulation measures and comes from the National Heat Fund (National Waarmtefonds). Scheme changes include increasing the budget for insulation programs under the so-called Frisia Plus scheme and expanding the target group of the National Heat Fund.

Therefore, the state aims to encourage more private citizens to take action and take more sustainable actions.

The National Insulation Program was first announced in November 2021 after securing € 514 million on Budget Day. This scheme provides homeowners with the opportunity to better insulate their property. Investment grants (ISDE) and energy conservation private subsidies (SEEH) for sustainable energy and energy conservation will continue, and the ratio of subsidies to measures introduced after January 1, 2022 will now be increased to 30%. Has been done.

The state’s plan begins with giving Frisia’s homeowners and associations an additional 10% subsidy for insulation. Now that subsidies from the central government are increasing, the state will move forward in line with that principle.

Specifically, the addition of Frisian Plus means that the amount of subsidies determined by RVO will be reduced by 1/2 to 1/3. This amendment applies to energy conservation measures introduced after January 1, 2022. It was also decided to raise the plus scheme ISDE cap as we are about to reach the plus scheme ISDE subsidy limit. This is done by making an additional € 250,000 available and participating in the subsidy limit of the SEEHplus scheme. The SEEH plus scheme is still open to the Owners Association, but in reality there is less demand for it.

Subsidies come when energy poverty is rising and prices are skyrocketing due to current global events.

See the Friesland website for more information.

Friesland increases current sustainability subsidies

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