Frisian singer advances to ‘Holland’s Got Talent’ semi-finals

Feltmann sang “My Dream” in Frisian.everything i wanted” by the American singer billie eilish.

Watch Veltman’s performance of “Myn Dream” on “Holland’s Got Talent”.

In the article of Rewarder CoolantRowan, who is black and gay, explained that he wanted to showcase how beautiful the Frisian language is. I’m in Holland: trans, bi, pan, it doesn’t matter. We want to bring that to Friesland and Holland as a whole.

Rowan Veltman - Myn dream

WeltmannThe 17-year-old was born in South Africa, adopted as an infant and raised in Friesland.A village of about 1,900 inhabitants, Garip is located just north of the De Arde Veenen National Park in the province of Friesland. . Rowan was previously one of his three winners at the Frisian Song Festival. Seanin 2021, he also translated a song by Billie Eilish.

Holland’s Got Talent, a Dutch talent show, began airing on Dutch television in 2008 and has so far had 11 winners, one of whom is not from the north of the Netherlands. Perhaps Rowan’s performance on the show will help him become the first Northerner to claim the title.

of speaking language Frisian is divided into West Frisian (spoken in the Dutch province of Friesland), North Frisian (spoken in Nordfriesland in northern Germany), and East Frisian (spoken in one municipality (Saterland)). It is one of the three branches of (only spoken). Germany near the Groningen border.

About 450,000 native speakers of the language live in Friesland. minority language (Having a status between dialect and national language).

Photo Source: youtube screenshot Frisian singer advances to ‘Holland’s Got Talent’ semi-finals

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