Frisians heading for the Euro in 2020 (2021)

No one was born in Friesland on the Dutch Euro team, but three Frisians will attend as match officials.

Translated by Thomas Ansel

Friesland has produced some of the most acclaimed officials in the tournament, although no one has participated in the Dutch national football team at the European Championships. Three Frisia assistant referees. Irwin Zeinstra, Hessel Steigstra and Jan de Vries are already in the finals of the Champions and Europa League and will be competing in the tournament. The three will join Bjornkaipers (a referee for a group from Twente) in euros. As reported by Omrop Fryslân.

Dronrijp’s Erwin Zeinstra was also part of the official cohort in 2012 and 2016, making his third appearance in the euro. Colleague Kuipers has already stated that this will be his last major tournament, but Zeinstra is less certain. Let’s see what happens, but it also depends on Bjorn’s decision. “

Tonight, Steegstra (from Sneek) and De Vries (from Gytsjerk) will run the line in Rome’s opening fixture, Turkey vs Italy. I will participate in a major tournament for the first time. Pressure is unlikely to affect them. Stigstra was previously a member of the referee team for the Europa League finals, the Champions League semifinals and the Club World Cup finals.

The referees for the Euro finals in July have not yet been announced, but all Frisia officials are rooting for each other. The final team will be announced during the tournament process.

Photo by Homer Lopez of Unsplash

Frisians heading for the Euro in 2020 (2021)

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