From June 30, larger events with access test possible again

Experiences Fieldlab Events

The 1,5 meters away can also be released during the event. Based on the research results of Fieldlab Events, the cabinet has decided to adjust the roadmap for this,’ according to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate.

Multi-day events

Multi-day events with overnight stays are also possible again from 29 July. Additional conditions apply, such as interim testing. The cabinet intends to extend the expansion to 100% of the visitor capacity and the release of the 1.5 meters when using admission tickets from step 4 to other sectors such as the catering industry, cultural institutions and professional sports competitions.

More visitors with tickets

Fieldlab Evenementen has been investigating in recent months how events can be organized safely and responsibly in times of a pandemic. They concluded, among other things, that all types of events can take place safely when a corona test is used in advance and controlled inflow and outflow of visitors.

OMT advice

In response to these results, the OMT has advised that from June 30 it is again responsible to organize events with 100% of the regular visitor capacity. However, there are conditions attached to it. For example, every visitor must be tested in advance or be in possession of a vaccination or recovery certificate. The corona test may be taken no more than 40 hours before entering the event.

Hospitality, cultural institutions, trade fairs and professional sports competitions

When deciding on step 4 of the opening plan, the cabinet intends to also translate the lessons from the Field Lab Events to a number of other sectors. With this, from step 4, the catering industry, cultural institutions, trade fairs and professional sports competitions could go to 100% of the visitor capacity with admission tickets (corona test or a vaccination or recovery certificate). The 1,5 meters away can therefore be released. The use of admission tickets is expressly optional and the choice of the organization.

Multi-day events from July 29th

The first 4 weeks, until 28 July, events of a maximum of 24 hours are possible and a maximum of 25,000 visitors per day applies. An overnight stay is allowed if it falls within the 24-hour period. After four weeks, when more people have been vaccinated and the infection rates are expected to have fallen further, these restrictions will be lifted and multi-day overnight events will be possible again. With the current schedule, this is from July 29. The RIVM does advise not only testing in advance but also in the interim for multi-day events. The cabinet is in talks with the sector about a possible practical implementation of this.

Without tickets

Finally, when deciding on step 4, the cabinet will consider whether it is justified on the basis of the contamination figures to no longer use an absolute maximum number of people per room or hall without admission tickets. Then from step 4, a maximum capacity of 100% of the capacity at 1.5 meters would apply, instead of the maximum of 100 people that is currently included in the road map. In this way, the cabinet is mainly addressing locations with a capacity of 1.5 meters that is (much) higher than 100 people. For freely accessible events with a flow of public, such as fairs, a maximum of 1 person per 10 square meters of surface is allowed.

Press the emergency services

During the corona crisis, the police and emergency services had to make a significant extra effort. In the coming period there must be room for training, education and leave. This means that now that society is reopening, the available capacity of police and emergency services must be used wisely. Mayors, the Public Prosecution Service and the police will make careful considerations when it comes to deploying police and emergency services at events. The government fully endorses these considerations. More than ever, organizers will have to take their own security measures.

From June 30, larger events with access test possible again
Source link From June 30, larger events with access test possible again

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