Frustrations at unimaginative Feyenoord: ‘After the 1-0 it became quite hopeless’

Toothless, lacking inspiration, powerless; it occasionally hurt the eyes what Feyenoord showed against Wolfsberger AC. In a match that had to be won to overwinter in the Europa League, but was ultimately lost 1-0.

“We just have a lot of problems to get chances out of open play, to really hurt the opponent”, captain Steven Berghuis put his finger on the sore spot afterwards. “Everyone tries, but it just doesn’t go smoothly.”

After Feyenoord had come behind 1-0, “an annoying goal”, according to Berghuis, the Rotterdammers were never close to an equalizer. “After the goal it became quite hopeless. Because we are not creating any chances, actually.”

“Why so bad?”

One of the men who, together with Berghuis, should have taken care of this was Nicolai Jørgensen. But the Danish striker played another bad game. “This is so frustrating”, Jørgensen was disappointed. “I felt that we had prepared so well, we were ready, you could feel that.”

The opposite turned out to be true. Jørgensen: “I don’t know why we play badly. It was a bit chaotic, we created almost nothing throughout the game”, he agreed with the words of Berghuis. “Then you don’t win.”

Feyenoord remained dry in Austria for the third game in a row. In the last five games, Jørgensen and associates scored only once. In total. “We might get one or two chances per game. We have to improve with the quality we have.”

Trainer Dick Advocaat saw the reaction he would have liked to see afterwards. “They were angry with each other and that’s a good thing. Then it shouldn’t escalate, but they should understand that it needs to be better.”

Lawyer: “Of course we didn’t play against a great team. They worked very hard and fought for every ball, you see what you can achieve with that. They play with so much aggression, we lose on battle, not on game.”

Despite the weak series, Advocaat believes that Feyenoord can turn the tide. “If I no longer have faith, or the players no longer have in me, then I will stop. But I don’t have that feeling.”

“The players have shown in a year that they can play football well, with lesser and good matches. But qualitatively we are not yet so far that we can play well in every match.”

And then you end up third in a group with Dinamo Zagreb, CSKA Moscow and Wolfsberger AC as opponents. “You are from Europe, that’s the reality”, says Berghuis. “While you could have continued, I didn’t think it was a strong group.”

Frustrations at unimaginative Feyenoord: ‘After the 1-0 it became quite hopeless’
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