Full trays in catering: ‘It’s great to be among people again’ | Coronavirus

In many places in the country, catering businesses have opened today, just like yesterday in Valkenburg, Limburg, in protest. Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague have indicated that they do not allow the action.

The first pitcher of beer is already on the table at a quarter past ten on the terrace of café Persee on the Brink in Deventer. Friends Leon Dekker (23), Daan de Rijk (20) and Yason van der Vegt (19) toast enthusiastically. ,,I immediately started this morning with a shot”, Leon laughs. The fact that the terrace closes at 12 noon is not a downer. “It’s action, we like to participate in that.”

As one of the few catering establishments in Rotterdam, the English pub Dutch Dukes in the Witte de Withstraat opened around noon on Saturday. Owner Frank Roolaart wanted to ‘send a signal to The Hague’ and underline that the lockdown must also come to an end for the catering industry. The party lasted two and a half hours, and then the business was closed again by order of a group of boas.

Nipped in the bud

The protests by Utrecht catering entrepreneurs who nevertheless opened their doors today were quickly nipped in the bud. Mayor Dijksma intervened and threatened with fines. Boas from the municipality visited the cafes and restaurants and urged the actions to be stopped. Things need to close as soon as possible.

The catering industry in Roermond also opened today. Judging by the crowds on the terraces, the public has a need for this. The staff also looked forward to the moment when it could get back to work. “It’s great that I can work here again! I missed this very much!”, says employee Sebi of Brownies & Downies at Munsterplein.

Today he was allowed to help guests in the business again after weeks of mainly day spending. Now he can alternate it with work in the hospitality industry. Sebi has been working there since it opened seven years ago. It was still quiet around noon on Saturday. ,,I hope that people are sensible and don’t come en masse”, says Sebi’s supervisor, manager Ton Walraven.

Full house

A catering entrepreneur scans the QR code in the center of Roermond. © ANP

That is different at brasserie ve’Koch. ,,Full house!”. Manager Raijmond Reijnders gestures broadly to the terrace in front of his business. Anyone who wants to take a seat must first show them a QR code. ,,I expected this,” Reijnders says happily. BOAs meanwhile walk through the shopping heart of Roermond, but do not intervene in anything. The same goes for some police officers patrolling the city.

“I don’t think enforcement will issue warnings,” Reijnders says hopefully. The Saturday helpers in the Munsterhof eatery also confirm that they missed work. “Everyone is delighted to see each other again,” one of them said. “Finally we can do something again!” adds another, while colleagues walk back and forth with fully loaded trays. “It’s great to be among people again.

‘Everything is taken’

“If people can sit safely somewhere, it is in the catering industry,” says Boy Croonen of lunchroom Mickers 2.0 in Uden. Of course it opens today. Even if it’s just out of protest. Everything has been taken. People are eager to get back in, he observes.

At 11.30 am the first customer was already on the doorstep. By noon, his place is almost full. “We check the QR code, wear a mask and keep our distance. We all already did that, by the way,” says Croonen. “The hospitality industry is always the fastest.”

A lot of attention

City café Simons in Doetinchem has opened its terraces. Mayor Mark Boumans has announced that he will not intervene in the catering industry today. He understands the protest, as long as it is a one-off, only on the terraces and within the specified hours. There is a lot of interest in the terrace.

The business is not the only one in the Achterhoek city whose terrace will open today. Merleyn, Gringo’s, Macamba, Pincho’s, Lola, de Beren, Eetwinkel Van Mien, ‘t Gevang, ‘t Stads Bastéon, Chicco, VanOuds, Koetshuis Kasteel Slangenburg, ‘t Zusje and Villa Ruimzicht are also open until 5 pm. So far it has not been enforced.

‘Ordinary Saturday crowds’

In most cities in the Netherlands it is not so bad with the crowds, indicate large retail chains. Few problems arose on the first day that shops were allowed to open again after four weeks of lockdown. “In terms of crowds, it seems like a normal Saturday,” a Blokker spokeswoman sums up.

The household store chain also notices that customers are especially happy that they can shop again. “It’s different in a store than online,” said the spokeswoman. ,,You can look around a bit and come across articles that you also need.” This additional sale is also important for Blokker. “Yeah, we should be talking about that too.”

The crowds were not too bad at Action. “With one customer per 5 square meters, we can handle a normal customer flow,” says a spokesperson for the budget chain. “And it was there today.” A spokesperson for perfumery chain ICI Pars XL also talks about a “normal Saturday crowd”. “It is pleasantly busy, but without it becoming unsafe”, he saw himself during a visit to the city center of Haarlem.

Traffic jams

In Roermond it was already fairly busy in the city in the morning. The outlet center was not too busy. The Designer Outlet Center had expected a large influx from Germany, but it did not materialize. Often the N280 from the German border is so full that traffic jams arise, but this was not the case.

In Hoorn, North Holland, many people went to the city center, which meant that many parking spaces on the edge of the center were full. At the MediaMarkt and Gamma hardware store on the outskirts of the city, the parking lot was almost full.

The same image was seen at the Maxis shopping center along the A1 in Muiden. According to a HEMA employee, it was a madhouse there in the morning. “As if the HEMA had never been open before.” During the day the crowds decreased somewhat.

Full trays in catering: ‘It’s great to be among people again’ | Coronavirus
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