Fully automatic investment app Bots raises millions | Financial

Bots is active in 18 countries and has 200,000 customers. It is a very active player in the crypto world and has raised €25 million from investors since its inception in 2018.

Via the investment app, users can invest in several so-called ‘bots’, software programs with a pre-set trading algorithm that makes purchases and sales according to a sophisticated strategy. The trade is then completely automatic. Bots has developed as a repository of proven bot programs.

“There are now more than 250 bots on the platform,” says Bots director Michiel Stokman. He compares the platform with online music service Spotify, but then for investors. “Anyone who has a proven trading strategy can use it. This gives the investor a wide choice of investment strategies that demonstrably work.”

Fast transactions

The bots are accessible from €50 per user. This company allows investors to transact at lightning speed, computers make their move in fractions of seconds thanks to preset buy and sell signals. These auto-running bots now mainly work with cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, ether and ripple. Investors can also get out at any time.

According to founder Stokman, the company is attracting investment after demonstrating in the past year that trading based on algorithms is promising. “People can choose one or more of the bots on the platform according to a strategy and risk profile that suits them. That way they don’t have to worry about the right moment to buy or sell, but can see how the algorithm, the bot makes the decisions,” he says.

“This technology has long been used by professional traders, but is now also available to private investors.”

For Rick van Boekel, partner of investor Airbridge Equity Partners, opening up this trade with such computer bots to a wider audience is a huge growth opportunity in the entire investment world.

“That is currently limited to cryptocurrency, but we hope to expand that to trading stocks and currencies.”

Fully automatic investment app Bots raises millions | Financial
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