GameStop and Shell favored by private investors | Financial

The fact that GameStop at DeGiro was the most traded stock in March, both in the Netherlands and in the whole of Europe, is quite remarkable. And not only because in the US it has a relatively modest stock market value of $ 11 billion today. After the stock market price of the video game retailer was spectacularly boosted in January by private investors – mostly American – who had united on the online Reddit platform WallStreetBets, there was a strong backlash in February. There was confidence in the Dutch believers hardly suffered, even when GameStop came out with disappointing results. Their courage was rewarded in March, as the stock price shot up 86% that month.

Shell does not seem to be at risk among BinckBank’s customers, although the oil and gas company’s share price development has been disappointing for many years. Last year was even dramatic with a share price drop of 45% due to the fall in oil prices and the decision to lower the dividend for the first time in many decades. This year is clearly going better, although March resulted in another loss for Shell.

Besi and ASML are also in the top three of Binckbank’s favorite stocks. It is surprising that Shell and ASML, in addition to Tesla, also score highest in the list of shares to be sold. The bank has also asked its customers what they expect from the stock market for April. With a 3.0 on a scale from -10 to +10, optimism clearly dominates.

GameStop and Shell favored by private investors | Financial
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