Gario does not recognize accusations, expects digital ‘lynching’

Quinsy Gario does not recognize the accusations that he behaved manipulatively and “toxic” towards volunteers from the political party Bij1, where he was number two on the list. In a response to the NOS, he says he is shocked, shocked and sad.

Gario thus responds to the statements of party leader Sylvana Simons and party chairman Jursica Mills at the general members’ meeting of Bij1. Both defended the decision to suspend Gario as a member. Other members felt unsafe, because Gario took a male dominant position, stoked and sowed divisions, an external report says.

“Apparently signals have been coming in about me since the campaign, but nobody has ever spoken to me about it,” says Gario. “I’ve worked with a lot of people and done projects. I know that I have integrity. That I did everything I could to set up a good campaign. I was not told about my behavior then and now this is coming out.”

Life in danger

The general members’ meeting was a closed meeting, but the Bij1 board reported on it this afternoon via Twitter. The statements of chairman Mills are therefore for everyone to read. Gario is also upset about this.

“I don’t understand why my life should be put at risk. I’m sure I’m going to experience another digital lynching now.” The trust he had in the party has now been broken, says Gario.

Gario does not recognize accusations, expects digital ‘lynching’
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