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Germans in the border region with the Netherlands and Belgium suffer from the ‘import’ of the corona virus by Dutch and Belgian visitors. The number of corona infections is rising more than average in these border regions.

In an urgent letter, the authorities of the regions of Aachen, Viersen, Heinsberg, Cleves and Euskirchen ask Prime Minister Laschet of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia to make additional vaccines available for the border regions as soon as possible.

Merkel ‘more vaccines for border regions’

With this they want to realize an ‘immunity buffer’ at the borders. According to Germany correspondent Judith van de Hulsbeek, this wish is not surprising: “The contamination levels in the neighboring countries are a lot higher. In Germany there are now 65 infections per 100,000 inhabitants per week. In the Netherlands that number is 187 and in the Czech Republic even. at 780. “

The regions support their call for vaccine priority with a statement by Chancellor Merkel. During the last corona meeting, she recognized the problem of the affected border regions. She also said that the states could give the affected regions a proportionately higher share of the vaccines.

Vaccination order

This may mean that of the whole load that North Rhine-Westphalia receives, the state government may decide that certain regions receive more and others less. A similar decision was made last week by Prime Minister Söder of the state of Bavaria by allocating 50,000 extra vaccines to the border regions with the Czech Republic.

They also want to vaccinate faster in the state of Saxony. In the Vogtland region, on the border with the Czech Republic, the vaccination order is turned upside down and from Friday everyone over 18 years old can register for an injection appointment.

Vaccines on the shelf

The question is how they will manage to vaccinate more quickly in the border regions, says Van de Hulsbeek. “Having enough vaccines is the number one condition, but there must also be enough doctors and nurses who can administer the injection. In addition, it is also quite a task to properly arrange appointments. Until now, that has been anything but smooth.”

And is it fair to favor certain regions? Isn’t that at the expense of other places? That does not seem to be the case. Van de Hulsbeek: “At the moment millions of vaccines remain on the shelf because it is not possible to inject fast enough, so you have heard very few complaints about this redistribution so far.”

German border regions want vaccination priority | NOS
Source link German border regions want vaccination priority | NOS

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