German watchdog does not rule out energy rations next winter

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It cannot be ruled out that rations will be introduced in Germany next winter for the amount of electricity and gas you can use. That is what the boss of the German federal gas infrastructure regulator Bundesnetzagentur said in an interview published in several newspapers in the country.

“When it comes to rationing, we will first have to reduce industrial consumption,” Klaus Müller said in the conversation. “I guarantee that we will do everything we can to prevent private households from running out of gas,” he added.

“But we have learned from the corona crisis that we should not make promises that we are not sure we can keep.” The Bundesnetzagentur has therefore already made a classification of categories and sectors that should be given priority if there is a sudden shortage of gas.

“We cannot classify every company as systemically important,” said Müller. “Pools are clearly not critical and neither is making chocolate chip cookies,” he explained. Delivery to households and hospitals is considered very important in the classification.

Paper production would also be given a relatively high priority, because paper is needed for, for example, packaging of medicines and printing newspapers. “Freedom of the press is an important right. In an emergency situation, there would be an extremely high demand for information.”

In Germany, there are serious concerns that Russia may throttle the gas supply in retaliation for German aid to Ukraine. In July, gas deliveries from Russia via the Nord Stream pipeline, the main supply line for Germany, will be halted anyway due to maintenance. The Germans fear that the tap will remain completely closed afterwards, which makes filling the gas reserves for the winter more difficult.

German watchdog does not rule out energy rations next winter
Source link German watchdog does not rule out energy rations next winter

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