GGD chairman Rouvoet: two extra vaccination rounds in 2022

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The GGDs are taking into account two additional rounds of vaccination in 2022, chairman André Rouvoet said in an interview with De Telegraaf. They are also going to work in more and more places with “free entry” and into the neighborhoods to increase the vaccination rate during the current booster campaign.

Rouvoet expects to enter the neighborhoods with boosters in the second half of January: “Then we will vaccinate groups that are left behind. Then it is also the turn of the people who were not yet able to get a booster, because they were recently infected. After that, we are taking into account two more rounds of injection for this year, in roughly May-June and October-November.”

Covid-19 program director Jaap Eikelboom of the GGD expects extra measures to increase turnout during the current booster campaign, he tells the newspaper. “More and more locations are starting to work with free walk-in. More slots become available as we have had more people. The turnout for the over 60s fluctuates between 80 and 95 percent. At the same time, we see that the turnout of people under 40 is indeed disappointing. This was also visible during the basic campaign. They generally wait a little longer until it suits them, for example before the holidays. For them, the free walk-in is a godsend.”

Eikelboom acknowledges that the GGDs could have prepared for the booster campaign earlier. “We must indeed reduce the ‘response time’ in the future. We will do this by selecting certain core locations where we can quickly target if necessary, just like ‘satellite locations’. And we are thinking of a ‘mobilisable puncture and test army’ with which we maintain close contact, so that we can call them up quickly if necessary.”

GGD chairman Rouvoet: two extra vaccination rounds in 2022
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