Giro555 together in action against corona

The money raised is for corona victims and for making vaccinations possible in vulnerable countries. In addition, the money collected is used to provide emergency medical assistance to corona victims.

Giro555 calls on the Netherlands to take action and together ensure that everyone, also in vulnerable countries, is protected against corona in time.

‘Whether you live in Africa, Europe or Asia, it is only safe when everyone has been vaccinated,’ says Suzanne Laszlo, action chairman of Giro555. ‘All eyes are now on India, but we hold our breath on what could happen in other countries in the coming weeks and months. We can only overcome this pandemic if vaccinations take place worldwide. Regardless of nationality or income, ‘says Laszlo.

Laszlo: ‘That is why we call on all people in the Netherlands to show solidarity with people in countries where getting a vaccination is much more difficult than here. For example due to logistical challenges and inadequate healthcare. We want to support healthcare in these countries by providing emergency medical assistance, but also by providing protective clothing, refrigerated distribution and education about the importance of vaccination. ‘

The aid organizations of Giro555 are present themselves, or through local partners, in precisely those countries where health care is not able to cope with a massive corona outbreak. They provide immediate emergency relief, medical care and support.

Together in action against corona

‘While people in the Netherlands receive protection, we want to ask them to show solidarity with people in vulnerable countries where it is not at all self-evident that you will receive a vaccination,’ says Suzanne Laszlo.

The kick-off of the national campaign will take place on May 12 at 08.00 at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, the most central vaccination location in the Netherlands. Action chairman Suzanne Laszlo will give the starting signal for the 555Collectebus in the presence of virologist Marion Koopmans and GGD chairman André Rouvoet. During the campaign, the collection box will visit various places in the country where people take action and, among other things, drive past injection locations. There are also Indians from Utrecht on site, who are happy to explain why this action is so important for their home country and the surrounding countries.

Giro555 together in action against corona
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