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UpdateAll over the world, companies have been struggling with outages and network problems since 5:30 pm. This also applied to many companies in the Netherlands. For example, problems were reported with the websites of the police, the NS, Albert Heijn, TikTok, DigiD, Funda, DPG Media and various banks in our country. The sites were no longer accessible via the computer or the app and logging in was impossible. Most websites were accessible again around 6.45 pm.

On the collection website, reports have been skyrocketing since about 5.30 pm. The banks ABN Amro, ING and Rabobank have to deal with thousands of reports. Customers complain that the websites are no longer available and that they cannot log in. This also applies to Ziggo, Zalando, TikTok, IDeal, Funda, Albert Heijn and the websites of the DPG Media newspapers.

This site was also unreachable after 5.30 pm. The outage lasted until about 6:45 p.m.


Not only in the Netherlands, but also abroad, companies struggled with disruptions. This can be seen on the website, which works like allfailures, but collects the reports worldwide. Amazon, UPS, FedEx, Airbnb, the list of companies that suffered from IT problems was endless.

In the United States, this included websites of airlines and postal companies. Visitors received an error message when, for example, they tried to visit the Delta Air Lines site.


A major malfunction at the American tech company Akamai may be the cause of the problems at the various websites. That company, a ‘content delivery network’ that ensures that websites are available worldwide and that visitors to the site quickly find what they are looking for, reports on its site that it is aware of the malfunctions and is conducting research. The cause of the outage is still unclear.

Akamai and competitors stand on the edge of that digital cloud, between the service and the user. Such services are therefore also referred to as ‘edge cloud’. Earlier this year there was a major outage at competitor Fastly. Even then, many websites were inaccessible.

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Global outage shuts down many websites | Tech
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