Google to give smartphone users more privacy

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Google will eventually give users of a smartphone with an Android operating system more privacy. Apple introduced a similar measure for consumers with an iPhone last April. That company forces all apps to ask users for permission to be tracked for advertising purposes. The measure is intended to protect consumer privacy.

Google has now announced that in two years’ time the ‘privacy sandbox’ will be built into Android, which is already in the Chrome browser. This means that users can no longer be followed at a detailed level. The tech company wants to take the time to make the transition less extreme for advertisers. Meta, the parent company of Facebook, said earlier this month that it expects to lose $10 billion in ad revenue this year due to Apple’s adjustment.

In recent years, Google and Apple have faced pressure from regulators and new laws to give users more control over the data apps collect. Most smartphones run on one of those companies’ operating systems.

Google to give smartphone users more privacy
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