GPs amazed by RIVM statements: ‘AstraZeneca is precisely important’

The LHV also points to a call from a general practitioner and internist. In an open letter to the Ministry of Health, they argue for a “clear information campaign” about the vaccination program. It should also pay attention to residents of disadvantaged neighborhoods.

The two write that a “large-scale public information campaign” is needed, including information about the chances of side effects, chances of preventing death and long-term covid complaints.

The LHV joins the call of the GP and internist: “The concerns about the low turnout in some areas is a concern for all of us”. According to the LHV, many residents of disadvantaged neighborhoods are now not being reached through the usual channels such as Prime Minister Rutte’s press conferences.

In addition, the LHV also wants more information to the public to spare general practitioners. A spokesperson told the NOS: “Many GPs now receive a lot of questions about vaccines, but they also have to inject and do their normal work. They can no longer handle that pressure.”

RIVM: varying stories about turnout

The RIVM supports the proposal of the general practitioner and internist, but wants to nuance the image that the vaccination turnout would now be very low. “We also have contacts with general practitioners. In one case the turnout is 20 to 30 percent, in the other 90 to 100 percent,” said a spokesman. “We both hear the stories, it is difficult to draw conclusions from that.”

The earlier decision not to vaccinate people under the age of 60 with AstraZeneca due to health risks seems to have an effect on older Dutch people. More than four in ten people over 60 (42 percent) who still need to be vaccinated say they no longer want this specific shot. 55 percent are still willing to take AstraZeneca. This emerged from a study by I&O Research commissioned by NOS in mid-April.

GPs amazed by RIVM statements: ‘AstraZeneca is precisely important’
Source link GPs amazed by RIVM statements: ‘AstraZeneca is precisely important’

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