Great value of early learning at international nursery centers

The mission of preschool age (2-5 years) is to help children develop values ​​and skills that will enable them to grow, gain autonomy and learn when they go to school in the future. .. Thanks to their curiosity, imitation ability, and fun of movement and play, there are many opportunities to provide experiences that inspire and deepen their understanding.

All children need to be inspired to expand their knowledge at their own pace. For this reason, Big Ben Kids pays close attention to the development of curriculum that inspires all areas of development. Big Ben Kids teachers encourage each child in a unique way through intimate and compassionate relationships with them, helping them reach their full potential.

Development of children’s learning ability

Encourage your kids to maximize their potential with Big Ben Kids!

Reading and writing is certainly the basis of the school, but let’s go step by step. Nothing is more exciting than listening to a child’s first words and then the first sentence. Don’t start reading and writing in a hurry. Children must first understand space and time physically and through language in order to develop manual dexterity.

It’s not easy to handle tenses and spatial references, or to evoke past actions. Coordinating arm movements, gaining hand strength, and developing fine motor skills are also long-term tasks. Big Ben Kids teachers create a situation where children discover the joy of counting and listening, and ultimately the benefits of written language.

At this young age, children learn through the world around them. Their ears are ready to perceive other sounds. Early childhood is an ideal time to become familiar with a second language. Songs, stories and dances will bring them into contact with new experiences and musicality in other languages. This will open their spirits to cultural diversity.

Learning environment

By attending kindergarten, children discover a collective life and its complexity. They learn to find their place, face rules that must be respected, learn to share, and realize that they can work as a team to achieve common goals. These situations allow them to grow and build their personality.

In the early days, you need to discover and experiment with your body. Big Ben Kids teachers encourage basic athletic behaviors such as movement, achieving balance, and manipulating objects. In games and activities, teachers help children gain more control over their bodies. Encouraged by adults, they explore unfamiliar or inaccessible environments that help them measure danger and learn to look for solutions. Children imitate, invent, explain, and draw what they are doing. By doing so, they discover that their bodies are moving.

Make the most of learning materials

At Big Ben Kids, kids discover collective life and its complexity

Books, photographs, music and excursions open the door to the wider universe. Learning to count, solve problems, reason with numbers, and understand science is absolutely essential, but children also need the resources to express themselves through art, music, dance, and theater. This allows them to become more sensitive and learn to ponder. Kindergartens help enrich sensitive experiences and their creativity by giving children many opportunities to explore different materials and techniques so that they can better express their perceptions and feelings.

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Big Ben Kids

Understanding, expressing, living, moving, discovering, experimenting, feeling, creating and playing are all essential to learning and finding a balance of body, mind and spirit. A child with all these skills will feel better with himself and others. This is a great value for early learning at Big Ben Kids.

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Great value of early learning at international nursery centers

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