Greenpeace action against ECB funding ‘climate killers’

Greenpeace activists landed this morning with paragliders at the high-security headquarters of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt. The two activists flew over the River Main and landed on the roof of the main entrance, which is 15 to 20 meters high.

They rolled out a banner saying “stop funding climate killers.” They also held up a banner calling on the ECB to think about the climate.

After a few hours, the activists climbed off the roof. It is not clear whether they will be charged.

Borrowing rules

The move against the ECB’s “climate-destroying monetary policy” followed a think tank report that allegedly showed that the ECB’s lending rules favor fossil fuel-heavy companies.

“A green and just transition to a resilient carbon-free world must be central to the ECB,” said Greenpeace. The ECB says it is reviewing its climate change policy.

The ECB has long been criticized for not taking the consequences of climate change into account. According to a spokesperson, the ECB is investigating how the bank can best respond to the climate crisis. The results of the study are expected around September.

Greenpeace action against ECB funding ‘climate killers’
Source link Greenpeace action against ECB funding ‘climate killers’

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