Groningen bans mopeds from bike lanes – The Northern Times

Groningen city Banned Especially mopeds from bike paths in city parks, nature reserves and recreation areas. The ban applies to all low-speed motorcycles propelled by petrol engines. Such vehicles are reported to emit more carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and particulate matter than passenger cars and buses, posing a hazard to ordinary cyclists and the environment.

Since 1974, light motorized bicycles (the Dutch call them Snowfeet) have been legal in the Netherlands and allowed to share bike lanes with cyclists. These vehicles are mechanically controlled to not exceed 25 km/h and must display blue license plates. But the onslaught of e-bikes has led to a surge in traffic, not only on the streets, but also on trails in parks, where electric vehicles were often considered off-limits. As time went on, safety concerns were raised and cyclists began protesting against the use of snow feet on bike lanes.

Dutch traffic road sign for bike path or bike lane

The new ordinance bans the use of gas-powered bicycles in more than 100 cycling lanes and various recreational zones in the city. It does not affect electric mopeds. Fines of up to €100 may be imposed if rule violations are found. Bike lanes are marked with a blue rectangular sign “Fietspad”.

The new order came into force on November 1, 2022.Have a look at this map For more information on changes and closed locations. Groningen bans mopeds from bike lanes – The Northern Times

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