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A pioneering mediation scheme for landlords and tenants in Groningen Open Yesterday at Lopster Veerhuis at Damsterdiep 36. The new Rent Support Center (Steunpunt Huren) will work with stakeholders to resolve issues related to repairs, anti-social behavior, late payment and willful breach of contractual obligations. Available to all private rental sector tenants and landlords. The project aims to provide pro bono legal advice and an accessible and balanced means of resolving disputes and avoiding going to court where possible.

After the opening ceremony, Rep. Rik van Niejenhuis urged tenants and landlords in the private rental sector to use housing mediation services as a means of resolving disputes. A councilor said: Steunpunt Huren assists all residents of the municipality of Groningen with rental questions or rental issues. The staff here are knowledgeable, free and independent. ”

Groningen’s private rental sector has grown significantly in recent years and now has more tenants than the social sector and is home to many vulnerable and low-income people. The new mediation service hopes to help tenants and landlords reach agreement on a variety of issues, prevent evictions, and play a key role in retaining tenants.

Located on the site of a former bar, the center is funded by a grant from the city of Groningen and is overseen by Rik Kiers. According to Kiers, conflicts between landlords and tenants can escalate before other options are considered.

He said that in rent disputes, people are often shy about discussing solutions.

Kiers said Steunpunt offers both assistance and professional mediation to help bridge communication gaps when residents feel powerless to deal with housing issues. is. “Therefore, we are very pleased to be launching walk-in consultation hours to help so many tenants easily and efficiently,” he said.

Landlords and tenants who would benefit from this service can apply online Or email Groningen launches housing brokerage center – The Northern Times

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