Group of isolated travelers from South Africa wants apologies and explanations

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A group of passengers who landed at Schiphol from South Africa on Friday and were placed in isolation there wants the airport, KLM and the GGD Kennemerland to apologize and above all “give a good answer to the question of why they are so poorly organised”. This confirms Oscar van Overdam, who wrote a letter to all three authorities on behalf of twelve travelers, after reporting by NH Nieuws.

According to Van Overdam, there was a lack of communication and organization at the airport on Friday and the conditions were unhygienic. According to him, it seemed like “after two years in this pandemic”, there was no plan at the airport. “It was an organization of likmevestje.” He calls the situation at Schiphol a “megas spreading event”, where passengers were also treated “degradingly”.

On Friday, it turned out that there were infected travelers on two KLM flights from Johannesburg and Cape Town. The GGD had to test passengers in haste. In the end, 61 of the more than six hundred passengers were found to be infected with the corona virus. At least fourteen of them were found to be infected with the new Omikron variant, which was discovered in southern Africa. They had to be in isolation in a hotel. All other travelers from the two aircraft had to be quarantined at home.

According to the twelve travelers, their health was at risk because passengers were packed together while waiting for their test result. First after landing in the plane around 10.30 am to 4 pm, then in a room at the airport “not big enough to keep a distance”, according to Van Overdam. He states that over time, the corona rules were not observed by everyone. It also took hours before food and drink arrived, testing was “slow and chaotic” and the empty toilet paper was only replenished “after threatening to poop on the sidewalk”.

There was also a lot of criticism on social media of the working methods of KLM, Schiphol and the GGD. A New York Times journalist who was on board one of the aircraft spoke on Twitter of “total chaos”, and also stated that the corona rules were not being enforced.

According to Van Overdam, the travelers could get 600 euros back because of the delay. But he and the other letter writers are more interested in the authorities’ explanation of the bad organization and in “a substantial solution how to prevent this in the future”.

Schiphol previously stated that travelers from South Africa are expressly advised to wear a mask and to keep their distance. The airport says it has followed its infectious disease protocol and is evaluating the “exceptional situation” that emerged on Friday, a spokesman said.

Group of isolated travelers from South Africa wants apologies and explanations
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