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News Items | 23-02-2021 | 11:32

The Netherlands and the Gulf share many interests and have strong ties. To take cooperation between the two countries to the next level, Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Sigrid Kerg will lead a virtual economic mission to the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Qatar. The mission, which runs from March 22nd to April 1st, has been enrolled by a large delegation of Dutch companies and organizations...

This mission aims to bring together stakeholders from the Gulf region and the Kingdom of the Netherlands to discuss ways to secure water, energy and food and work together to protect the sustainable future of all. Despite COVID-19, we provide a digital environment for meeting, exchanging knowledge and ideas, and building an international network so that we can continue to strengthen our relations between the two countries. To do. Let’s move forward together for Expo 2020, the first World’s Fair in the Gulf region.

What we have for you

Minister Kerg will begin his mission on March 22, followed by sectoral kick-offs, webins, briefings, individual networking and matchmaking sessions. Nearly 100 representatives of the Dutch organization have already signed up to exchange ideas and promote collaboration in the following areas:

  • Food (Agriculture and Food; Horticultural and Breeding Materials)
  • Energy (renewable energy, clean energy technology, offshore energy and energy conversion)
  • Water (water management, drinking water technology, wastewater technology)

Would you like to join the conversation?

Register now via b2match to exchange ideas and foster collaboration with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Tomorrow’s challenge

Increasing world population means that we need to rethink how we use scarce resources such as water, energy and food. We need to be smarter and more innovative to ensure a sustainable future. This starts by connecting the three sectors. This is because actions in one sector have an immediate impact on other sectors. We can only change the course when we work together to tackle the challenges together. Our country is already cooperating in the areas of water, energy and food and we are keen to use this digital trade mission to promote further cooperation. Global challenges require global partnerships. join us?

Success story

Many Dutch companies are already working well with their Gulf partners. Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects BV is helping improve UAE food security at Almera Pharma in Dubai, which will be the first fully automated farm in the Middle East. High-tech farms use the latest Dutch technology to grow environmentally friendly and sustainable food. The footprint of these greenhouses is close to zero, requiring only a fraction of the water required by traditional farms and producing up to 10 times more water.

Another Dutch company, water treatment system supplier Holland Water, has partnered with Culligan Middle East to now serve clients such as Emirates Catering, The Dubai Mall and Dubai World Trade Center. Holland Water uses silver and copper ionization to remove bacteria from drinking and cooling water. This is very important in the Gulf, where these bacteria grow especially fast due to the hot climate.

And who knows, perhaps the next success story is yours. Join us in this digital mission. You may find the next partner to shape a more sustainable world.

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Gulf Region and the Netherlands: Water, Energy and Food Integration | News Articles

Source link Gulf Region and the Netherlands: Water, Energy and Food Integration | News Articles

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